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is the practice of the yoga postures.

Daily asana results in increased wellness in the body and mind.

Practicing Yoga
Practicing Yoga

Private Yoga 

Originally yoga is practiced one on one as we are all unique and have different needs and limitations of our body. It is best to have private yoga if you would like to have a tailored made practice and you will find yourself progress more and faster. Private yoga is also best for those who are not comfortable for public group classes. The classes can be conducted at your home, any clubhouse and yoga studio, or even through online if you are travelling.

Corporate Yoga 

Nowadays a lot of corporates and companies are starting to invest in improving employees' wellbeing. Yoga and meditation are definitely one of the best activities which help cultivating patience, focus and mindfulness and these qualities directly impact productivity at work and improve the quality of work. Organising regular yoga classes at work or including a yoga class at your company event or any team building activity, will put everyone's mind at ease and

get to enjoy a more relaxing harmonious get-together. 

Beach Yoga
School Kids Meditating
School Kids Meditating

Kids Yoga

We need to face the hard truth that even kids are under stress from school and daily life. Especially with all the technology available for them, there are too many distractions. Allowing kids to start practicing yoga in their early stage definitely helps them navigate better in a competitive environment. It doesn't only help them to learn about their body, but also to connect with themselves through mindfulness practice. It leads to more focus at everything they do.

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