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is meditation.

Fully engrossed in the present moment.

Dhyana simply asks us to set aside time each day

to invite meditation into our minds and hearts.


Private Session

It is not easy to sit still for meditation. There are step-by-step guides to take you to a meditative state of mind and there are different meditations for you to experience. If you are a complete beginner, it is wise to have a private session to explore how to begin your practice and what type of meditation is best for you at this stage. We can also do online session through zoom if you are not in HK and if you are traveling.

Meditation Group

Corporate Mindfulness Training

We all know how competitive and stressful a corporate environment could be. In order to navigate all the tasks and challenges, we need to make sure our mental health to support our growth. We need that balance to accelerate in the long run. Pranayam is one of the tools which helps us to train our mind and nervous system - to be more focused and calm. If everyone in the company can experience the power of pranayam, it doesn't only dramatically improve productivity, but also create a more harmonious healthy working environment. 

Meditation Group
Group Dance
Group Dance

Group Dynamic Meditation

Majority of us misunderstand meditation must be in silence and stillness - which is untrue. There are also some powerful dynamic meditations which involve a lot of movements and powerful breathing techniques. Jennifa is trained to facilitate OSHO dynamic meditation, OSHO Kundalini meditation, Active Consciousness meditation and many other ancient tibetan meditation techniques. If you want to have a profound life-changing experience, please book for a group session.

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