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is breath control.

When we’re able to make breathing a mindful practice,

we’re able to invigorate our bodies with this life force and

change the way that our central nervous system reacts to stress.

Kundalini Yoga Breathing

Private Session

If you are an absolute beginner of pranayam practice, a private session would be perfect to learn the techniques and allow the teacher to observe you and advice what's best for you to work on. You can then take away the technique and practice on your own moving forward. Learning how to breath properly is very important as chi is our life force, if we can breath deeper, we have more life force and it directly impacts our health and nervous system. 

Corporate Mindfulness Training

We all know how competitive and stressful a corporate environment could be. In order to navigate all the tasks and challenges, we need to make sure our mental health to support our growth. We need that balance to accelerate in the long run. Pranayam is one of the tools which helps us to train our mind and nervous system - to be more focused and calm. If everyone in the company can experience the power of pranayam, it doesn't only dramatically improve productivity, but also create a more harmonious healthy working environment. 

Laughing During a Meeting
Group therapy

Healing Breathwork

If you experienced trauma and/or are having a very stressful times in your life, breathwork is very helpful on releasing repressed emotions in order to heal from any past trauma and, stress hormones will be released from your body. It also reduces symptom of PTSD. 

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